È un centro di competenze e di sperimentazione dedicato al mondo della calzatura, ideato per dare spazio alla creatività di designer, makers, artigiani digitali e avvicinare le imprese al tema dell’industria 4.0.

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Shoe Style LAB

is a competence center focused on the world of footwear. The lab is based in Vigevano, known worldwide across the XXI century as the city of shoes.

Our space

Industry 4.0

The LAB is a space meant to allow designers, makers and digital artisans to express their creativity using traditional and innovative tools (e.g. professional sewing machine, 3D modeling software, additive manufacturing technologies); it also provides specialized training to people or small firms in order to improve their expertise about shoe making or develop an Industry 4.0 approach.

Shoe Style LAB offers:

  • basic and professional training on the tools and machinery of the LAB;
  • digital manufacturing services for makers (CAD design, prototyping, model development;
  • seminars and courses around Industry 4.0;
  • design and prototyping support about footwear production.

one of our workshop

The context

The LAB is within the impressive Castello Sforzesco, near to Piazza Ducale, inside the so-called “Mascalcia”, the place where blacksmiths shoed the horses during the Renaissance period.

Our historical wooden lasts

The Museum of Footwear

Shoe Style LAB has a strong connection with the International Museum of Footwear “Pietro Bertolini” (MIC), the only public museum in Italy dedicated to shoes, also located into the castle in close proximity with the LAB.

The Museum of Footwear in Vigevano

Our history

Shoe Style LAB, property of the Municipality of Vigevano, is actually run by “Fondazione Istituto d’Arte e Mestieri Vincenzo Roncalli”, a local historical institution whose mission during the last century was to teach mechanical engineering, arts and crafts to generations of young people in need.

The castle of Vigevano